My First Ever Blogpost (on wordpress)(sort of)

by K.E. Brown

I miss blogging. I used to blog all of the time and I had all of these followers and it was great fun but then I graduated from High School and College started and things got all time consumy and hard so I deleted it. Now I’m back because all I have left are fun elective writing classes and I’m bored.

My other reason for picking up blogging is that, I’ve found that having a blog helps form a community of people who have similar interests to you and my NYR is to finish and start revising a novel. Like, actually finish… I have a folder on my computer fondly known as the graveyard of unfinished novels. It ranges from stories that I only got a few chapter into to seventy thousand word documents of utter drivel with absolutely no conclusion. But I want to graduate from CWU next winter with a completed manuscript ready to go. And I always write most consistantly when I’m blogging…. no idea why.

A few things about me really quickly;

Favorite Supervillian







Favorite 80’s teenage Hearthrob









Favorite genre of corny monster movie







Favorite person that I hugged at comicon













Favorite time-traveler







I think that’s all the essential information anybody ever needs about me.

Until next time!